Sharing Success with MembersWorkers GiveBack Program

The more you bank with us, the more cash you can get back*.

Last February, we gave our members back $3.3 million dollars.  In 2018 we will give back over $3 million.  That's right, over 3 million!

The GiveBack Program is based on the average balances in your accounts for the entire year - so the sooner you open your accounts, increase deposits balances and transfer loans from other financial institutions, the higher your payout will be.

Wherever you see this image on the right, that product qualifies for the GiveBack Program.

Click "Learn More" to visit the GiveBack Calculator and see how much you may receive.  

  1. What is the GiveBack Program?
    Our members are our owners.  So they deserve to share in profits. When we do well, our members reap the financial benefits as well.
  2. Will it be paid annually?
    2018 marks the fifth year of making an annual payout. The Board of Directors determines this annually based on how well the credit union performs financially and our future need for capital.

To learn more about Workers GiveBack Program please visit

*Based on the average balance in your accounts.  Accounts include, personal and business checking, savings, IRAs, money market accounts, consumer loans, line of credit, Finish Line Refi, home equity line balances, commercial term loans and mortgages, certificates of deposit, IRA certificates of deposit.