Workers created our high earning savings accounts in MA to help you reach your savings goals — whether it's a vacation, retirement or just a rainy day.  Plus, all Workers savings accounts qualify for our GiveBack Program.  So you'll get even more back when you save.  That's just not banking that makes sense...that's the way banking should be.

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A Share Savings Account* is your membership account, it is the first account you'll open at Workers. Just deposit $25 and you're a member!

GiveBack Program

  All Workers MA Savings Accounts are included in the GiveBack Program.


  • Quarterly statement updates of your MA savings account's transactions and balances (monthly if a Visa Check Card is linked to the account)
  • Our Massachusetts savings accounts earn dividends that are calculated using a daily balance method, compounded daily and paid monthly
  • Interest is paid on daily balances of $50 or more
  • Share savings account is available as a statement or passbook account
*Minimum daily balance to earn interest see product details. Rates on our MA savings accounts are subject to change without notice unless otherwise noted. A $25 Workers Savings Account qualifies for membership. Interest compounded daily and paid monthly. APY assumes interest remains on deposit and any withdrawals will reduce earnings. Fees may also reduce earnings. Please see our Fee Schedule for specifics. 
Student savings accounts MA

cuSave Online Account

0.75% APY*


Your Massachusetts savings account can be managed on the go with our cuSave Online Account.  It also serves as your membership account.

  • Easier to open than other savings accounts in MA

  • Only $500 minimum to open

  • Transfer funds from other financial institutions

  • Available online only


*Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 0.75% is effective as of March 10, 2015 and rates on our MA savings accounts are subject to change without notice. $500 minimum to open. $50 minimum balance must be maintained to earn APY. Available for personal accounts only and must receive eStatements. Membership is automatic with account opening. APY assumes interest remains on deposit and any withdrawal will reduce earnings. Fees may also reduce earnings. Please see our "Fee Schedule" for specifics.

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CD Accounts

Certificates of Deposit in Massachusetts*

Open a Massachusetts Certificate of Deposit Account and lock into higher CD rates.

  • Open a CD with as little as $500

  • Our Massachusetts Certificate of Deposit terms range from 3 months to 6 years

  • Member Relationship CD rates*

  • Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly for CD
    terms of one year or more

Visit Rates for current CD rates.

*To qualify for a Member Relationship CD Rates, you must have a Workers' checking account in Massachusetts with at least one monthly direct deposit of pay or Social Security.

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Big Picture Savings Account

Earn as much as  0.40%  APY*123


The Big Picture Savings Account pays higher dividends than a traditional savings account. The more you save, the better the rate!


A Big Picture Checking Account is required with a Big Picture Savings Account. 

  • Three tiers of savings
    • Tier one minimum balance to earn interest $50
    • Tier two minimum balance to earn interest $1,000
    • Tier three minimum balance to earn interest $50,000
  • Higher balances on your MA savings account earn higher dividends
  • A Big Picture Checking Account is required

*APY (Annual Percentage Yield).   1. On your balances of $50 - $999.99.  2. On your balances of $1,000 - $49,999.99.  3. On your balances of $50,000 or more.

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Student Savings Account

0.75% APY*


As a student in Massachusetts, a savings account is essential to help you save for college, a car, or just going out. With a Workers Student Savings Account in MA, you can watch your money grow as you save.

  • Low minimum balance - $25
  • Auto-transfer overdraft protection available for checking
  • 24-hour access to your MA savings account's funds at surcharge-free ATMs worldwide that display the NYCE® , PLUS® , Cirrus®, SUM®, MoneyPass®, or CO-OP Network® logos with a Visa® Check Card**
  • Home Banking access to checking account balances
  • Unlimited FREE use at any Workers Credit Union ATM in Massachusetts*


Visit any Workers Massachusetts branch to open a Student Savings Account.

*APY (Annual Percentage Yield)  **Student must be 16 to 25 years of age and be a full-time student. Workers' Visa® check card can be used at over 130,000 ATM machines worldwide which display the NYCE® , PLUS® , Cirrus®, SUM®, MoneyPass®, or CO-OP Network® logos. Additional fees on our MA savings accounts may apply and other institutions may impose a surcharge for use of their ATM's.

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Club Savings Account

Club Savings accounts in MA are perfect for saving for that next vacation or to fund your holiday shopping.


  • Vacation and Holiday Club Accounts earn dividends that are compounded daily and paid at maturity

  • Make deposits at any Massachusetts branch, by direct deposit or through automatic transfer from a Workers account

  • Interest is paid on daily balances of just $5 or more

  • At maturity, funds can be deposited directly into a savings or checking account.


Stop by a branch today to open a Workers Club Account or call 978-345-1021 to speak with a Member Service Representative.


*Annual Percentage Yield (APY).

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Traditional IRAs

Our Traditional IRA is more than just a savings account in MA.  It's a tax-advantaged financial account that allows earnings and deductible contributions to grow tax-deferred. Speak with your a tax advisor for more information.


Workers offers IRA products to help you grow your retirement savings. Just call or stop by any of our Massachusetts branches and speak with a Financial Service Representative for more details. For information on Roth IRAs visit Retirement Services.

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