Here’s why you can feel very safe using Verified by VISA:

  • Get safer. You get an additional layer of security for when you shop online.
  • Top secret. Create a PIN or password to use online with retailers that only you will know.
  • No prying. Even the merchant does not have access to this information, making for a more secure transaction.
  • No hassle. You don’t need to change cards in order to sign up for your secure code.
  • Time efficient. It only adds seconds to each purchase to use your code.
  • Use anywhere. Your code will work from any computer.
  • Double check. At times, you’ll be asked by your bank to provide more information to confirm the purchase.
  • Sign up. Register for Verified by VISA.

A Safety Net for Internet Shoppers

“Slick deals.” “Flash deals.” “Deal of the day.” It’s easy to go online and find good stuff. But it’s no bargain if, at check-out time, someone walks away with your credit card info. With Verified by Visa, you create a PIN or password for your Visa card. You then punch it into a website’s checkout page when you make a purchase. If someone steals your card, they can’t run up charges because they don’t have your PIN or password. Is this type of protection important? We think it’s a big deal.

Convenient Locations

Workers Credit Union provides banking services to greater Athol, Chelmsford, Fitchburg, Gardner, Groton, Hudson, Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Orange, Townsend, Westford, and Worcester, MA.

Register for Verified by VISA or contact us with any questions.


*A service charge is applied when the combined daily balance falls below the minimum during the monthly statement cycle. ***Additional fees may apply and other institutions may impose a surcharge for use of their ATM’s. Please refer to our fee schedule.

A Safe Place for Your Money

As a member of Workers, take comfort in knowing that every dollar you deposit is safe, secure, and 100% insured. All deposits are fully insured by a combined insurance coverage of the NCUA, up to $250,000, and the MSIC covers the rest. Now that’s safe keeping.