Fee TypeFee Amount

Transactional Savings1 (Personal & Online)

Monthly Service Fee$10

Restart Personal Checking

Monthly Service Fee$10

Workers Money Market Checking

Maintenance Service Charge
(Minimum daily balance required to avoid maintenance service
charge per statement cycle is $10,000.)

Money Market

Maintenance Service Charge
(Minimum daily balance required to avoid maintenance service
charge per statement cycle is $500.)


Fee TypeFee Amount

Business Premium Savings

Maintenance Service Charge
(Minimum daily balance required to avoid maintenance service charge per statement cycle is $10,000.)

Business Money Market

Maintenance Service Charge
(Minimum daily balance required to avoid maintenance service charge per statement cycle is $500.)

Business Checking

Transaction2 charges per statement cycle:
       >First 400Free

Business Relationship Checking

Maintenance Service Charge per Statement Cycle
(Minimum daily combined3 deposit balance required to avoid maintenance service charge and transaction charges is $25,000.)
Transaction2 charges per statement cycle:
       >First 200Free

Business Commercial Checking

Maintenance Service Charge per Statement Cycle$15
Transaction2 charges per statement cycle:
       >Per Deposit Made$0.75
       >Per Item Deposited$0.10
       >Per Check Paid$0.17
Earnings Credit Allowance (ECA) will be used to offset the charges above.
(The monthly ECA rate is calculated using the 90-day T-Bill rate as set on the first Tuesday of the month, divided by 365 days, then times the number of days in the monthly statement cycle. The monthly rate is then applied to the average collected balance minus a 10% reserve to arrive at the amount of the ECA for the month. Excess earnings credits are not carried over to the next month or credited to your account in any way.)


Fee TypeFee Amount

Online Services

Digital Banking, eStatements (Personal & Business) Free
Bill Pay - Simple Checking (per month)
(Includes up to 8 free payments per month, additional payments $0.50 per payment)
*Bill Pay Return Item$30
Expedited Bill Payment:
       >Electronic Payment$5
       >Paper Check Payment$25
Transfers Between Workers and Other Financial Institutions or Individuals:
       >Inbound TransfersFree
       >Outbound Transfers $5,000 or less$5
       >Expedited Inbound/Outbound Transfers $1,000 or less$10

ATM/Debit Card Fees

Debit Card Replacement Fee$10
ATM & Debit Card International Transaction Fee
(percentage of transaction made at a merchant outside of United States.)

Travel & Gift Cards

Single Load Gift Card $3.95/card
Reloadable Travel Card$4.95/card

Safe Deposit Box

Drill and Key Replacement Feeat cost
Key Replacement Fee$15/key
Safe Deposit Box Late Payment Fee$5


Real Estate Loan Payoff (in writing)$25
Duplicate Original Discharge$50
Verification of Mortgage$15
*Subordination Fee$150


Account Activity Printout$1
Account Research/Balancing$25/hr
*ACH Origination Fee$10
Annual Checking LOC Fee$25
*Backup Withholding Setup Fee (Business/Personal)$10
Check Copy Fee$5
Check Order Fee (depends on style/quantity ordered)Varies
Coin Counting Machines:
       >Members Free
       >Non-Members (percentage of deposit)8%
Collection Item Fee$10
Copies of Deposits/Items Fee $5
Copy of 1099 or 1098 Fee$5
Counter Check Fee4/$2
*Dormancy Account Inactivity Fee4$5
Early Closing Account (within 6 months of opening)$10
Escheatment Fee (Abandoned/Unclaimed Property)$30
Foreign Check Collection Fee$10
Foreign Check Return FeeVaries
Retirement Accounts:
       >IRA Transfer/Rollover Fee$25
       >IRA Early Closeout Fee$25
*Loan Payment by Phone Fee
(ACH, One-time from Credit Card, Debit Card, or Non-Workers Savings or Checking Account, each occurrence.)
Lost Passbook Fee$10
Night Deposit Bag Fee$20
Night Deposit Key Replacement (Business)$10
Non-Member Check Cashing Fee (percentage of check total, excludes On-Us checks)2%
*Non-Member On-Us Check Cashing Fee$5
Notary Public Fee:
*Official Check/Money Order$5
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee (Sweep)$5
*Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds (Returned/Paid)$30
Photocopy Fee (per page)$1
Plastic Deposit Bag Fee, per 100, 11”x15” (Business)$22
Reg D Excess Debits Fee1$9.50
Returned Deposit Item Fee$7.81
*Returned Loan Payment Fee$30
Statement Copy Fee5$5
*Stop Payment Fee (Includes Bill Pay)$30
*Uncollected Funds Charge (Business, Returned/Paid)$30
*Undeliverable Statement Mailing Fee$5
*Wire Transfers Incoming Fee (Business/Personal)$15
Wire Transfers Outgoing:
       >Wire Transfers Domestic Fee$25
       >*Wire Transfers International Fee$50


All fees are for each occurrence unless noted otherwise.

1 Fee assessed when the number of transactions allowed by Federal Regulations is exceeded in a monthly statement cycle. In accordance with Federal Regulations your account will convert to a Transactional Savings with a $10 fee per monthly statement cycle. This applies only to Money Market and Savings Accounts. See Terms and Conditions Disclosure for full explanation of excessive transactions. Addendum Effective April 29,2020 – Until further notice, during any statement period, you may make more than six withdrawals or transfers to another credit union account of yours or to a third party by means of a pre-authorized, automatic, or computer transfer or telephonic order or instruction. If you exceed six withdrawals or transfers set forth above in any statement period, your account will not be subject to closure by the credit union and you will not be subject to any fees.

2 Transactions are deposits, items deposited and checks paid.

3 Related deposit accounts (linked based upon the same Tax Identification Number) including; savings, checking, money market and certificates of deposit.

4 Dormancy Inactivity fee will be assessed monthly on your account(s) after a period of inactivity for 365 days for checking accounts and 730 days for savings accounts. Inactivity is when there is no member-initiated credit or debit activity to any account(s) where you are the primary account holder.

5 Up to 5 copies, then $25/hr research fee.

A Safe Place for Your Money

As a member of Workers, take comfort in knowing that every dollar you deposit is safe, secure, and 100% insured. All deposits are fully insured by a combined insurance coverage of the NCUA, up to $250,000, and the MSIC covers the rest. Now that’s safe keeping.