There’s plenty to gain from the steady returns on your regular certificates of deposit. But what if you crave something more without the risk? Workers’ Flex Rate CD offers the best of both worlds – a safe investment with the potential to earn higher dividends whenever the Federal Fund Rate rises. You won’t have to keep your eye on the markets because the rate goes up automatically when the Fed raises rates. And, there is a floor rate so your earnings won’t ever drop below the floor even if the Fed rate plummets.

Choose from a variety of CD terms and initial deposits

  • Receive returns based on the Federal Funds Rate, earning more as it increases
  • Diversify your portfolio and always be in a position to leverage rising rates
  • Your money is protected! At Workers, all the money you deposit with us is fully insured. In addition to the $250,000 deposit insurance provided on a national level through NCUSIF, we offer additional insurance through a state program called MSIC. So deposit to your heart’s content, it will all be fully insured.
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Flex Rate CDs1,2RateAPY
6 Month Flex Rate CD31.65%1.65%
12 Month Flex Rate CD11.85%1.87%
24 Month Flex Rate CD12.05%2.07%
36 Month Flex Rate CD12.25%2.28%
48 Month Flex Rate CD12.50%2.53%


1. CDs require $500 minimum balance to open and IRA Certificates require $1,000 minimum balance to open.
2. Current Floor Rate on Flex Rate CDs are: 6-Month: 1.40%, 12-Month: 1.60%, 24-Month: 1.80%, 36-Month: 2.00%, 48-Month: 2.25%.
3. Simple interest paid at maturity.

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