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February 4, 2019 Personal Banking Joshua Williams

8 Low Cost Date Night Ideas

Love may be in the air but that doesn’t mean you have to throw all of your money away to have a memorable night. Here are some date night ideas on how to woo your significant other and not lose track of your savings goals.

  1.  Stay in. Cook dinner together and top the night off with a movie on Netflix. A great way to get to know each other and be comfy. Keep the sweats at home though.
  2. Get outside. Go for a hike and get some fresh air. Remember to bring a camera and take pictures of breathtaking views with your breathtaking companion.
  3. Just sweets. Go out for just dessert. Low on cost with all the fun of being on a romantic dinner date.
  4. Drinks. Don’t just go to any bar. Make it memorable. Keep it mysterious at a speak easy, or play classic video games at a bar-cade. The cool factor will impress your date and your wallet.
  5. Paint night. There are lots of painting classes that are fun for pairs or a group date. A local spot like Art on the Rocks would be a great date destination.
  6. Sporty. Rock climbing is a fun and active experience whether it is the first date or the 14th date. Build trust and have some laughs. Belay on!
  7. Great minds. Show off your intellectual side at a museum where you can spark conversation as well as romance all while contributing to an important community resource.
  8. Keep it simple. Bowling, drinks, and snacks. Almost everyone can bowl and if you can’t it doesn’t matter. It’s still a fun and affordable way to get to know someone.

The night is yours. Have fun on your date night and stay on track with your savings goals. Workers has the savings account options that can fit your needs and keep you on track for a lifetime of romantic endeavors.

I want to stay on track with my savings goals.