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April 21, 2019 The Workers Fundamentals Joshua Williams

Amelia Puts Service Above Self

#16 Making Quality Personal

At Workers we take pride in the quality of everything that we do. We ask ourselves, “Is this my best work?” on a daily basis. Our employees know that every aspect of the job has their signature and is a direct statement about their work ethic. Our aim is to make sure that every statement is a statement of excellence. In this story, you’ll read about how Amelia’s dedication to excellence saved one couple from missing their funding deadline.

For more information on the 30 fundamentals that drive the day-to-day practices of our employees, read about The Workers Fundamentals.

Employee: Amelia, Asst Branch Manager
Nominated by: Michelle, Branch Manager

Amelia had been working with an elderly couple on a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for the past month and due to the heavy application activity, their approval came a bit later than anticipated. This put them at risk of not meeting the deadline they needed to receive their funds. Concerned, Amelia explained the gravity of the situation with the HELOC department and asked if there was anything she could do to make this closing happen in time for the members to meet their deadline. With help from the HELOC department, the closing package arrived just in time.

The members came from Salem, New Hampshire very anxious to get the closing complete. As they were walking to Amelia’s office the wife tripped on the tip of her shoe, landed face-first on the floor biting her lip, bruising her knee, and injuring her shoulder. The member was visibly upset that she was not going to get the closing done in time since she had to leave by ambulance. Amelia assured her that we would find a way to get the transaction completed on time even if it meant going to her house for the closing.

Amelia showed extreme empathy for these members, and was extremely reassuring as not to cause her any added stress. Amelia contacted the member later in the day to check in on her condition and convey how bad she felt about her fall and told her that she would be coming to her home to complete the closing. Amelia drove to Salem, New Hampshire with the documents and completed the closing at their kitchen table. The members were so incredibly grateful for her compassion, determination, follow-through, sensitivity, and thoughtfulness.

Amelia consistently exemplifies our fundamentals in every interaction. Amelia puts service above self, and I am extremely proud and grateful for her efforts. She is such a significant, vital, and important part of our branch team and organization.