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Fraud Prevention

Bank fraud and identity theft can happen on a large, global scale, like as seen in the movies or TV, but it can also happen on a very small scale affecting many individuals. This is a very real threat that can happen to anyone. For instance, technically speaking, giving a spouse or a friend your debit card PIN could be treated as fraud. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, in 2017 the most common types of identity theft are credit card fraud, tax-related fraud, phone or utilities fraud, bank fraud, loan fraud, and government documents or benefits fraud. There was a reported $905 million in total fraud losses in 2017. The highest initial method of contact by the person or person committing fraud was by phone at a staggering 70%. The next highest was by website at 8%. By being aware and cautious this can be avoided. Find out more of the basics of fraud prevention and how you can recognize red flags. Prevention and awareness will help keep your identity, and your money, safe.

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