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Back To School Sales Aren’t Just For Students

We live in a cyclical world – literally and figuratively. That means we can save money based on the calendar. Much like how you can save a ton by purchasing discounted winter jackets in the summer, you can save on loads of items for the year before school gets back in session. Office Essentials Students […]

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Build A Budget You Will Stick With

It’s time to shake-up your budget. Start by changing the way you think about budgeting altogether. Lose the desire to classify everything as “good” and “bad.” There are good and bad ways to spend money, and there are good and bad ways to save it. A good budget is one that, quite simply, works for […]

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Stop! Can You Really Afford That?

Don’t buy what you can’t afford. Simple, right? Well, sort of. While restricting your spending to only what is in your paycheck is the foundation of sound money management, actually doing it can be extremely difficult. The reasons are many, but primary among them is the popular idea that living in debt is not only […]

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Breaking Up With Brand Names

Picture this: you’re steering your shopping cart through the sliding doors of the supermarket, shopping list in hand. You approach the first item on your list. There are two options: a big-name brand and a generic store brand. Each product has the same ingredients but one is more expensive. Which do you chose? What are […]

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Know Your Credit Score

It is important to know the buying power that you have. Your credit score determines your creditworthiness to a financial institution. In other words, it represents how suitable you are to receive a loan. We will go over good and bad credit, what to do if you find a fraudulent account on your credit report, […]

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