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May 9, 2019 Home Loans Joshua Williams

Improve Your Outdoor Living Space

Home improvement isn’t just about adding value to your home. It certainly helps BUT it’s also about creating YOUR living space. Your family get-together destination. The place where you can disconnect from technology and enjoy the nature around you. Making improvements can increase the value of your home as well as your well-being. We have some great ideas for creating your living space on any budget.

New Deck or Patio

Disconnect and spend some quality family time outdoors on a new deck or patio. DIY options could save you money on labor and YouTube (and while you’re there, subscribe to @workerscu) is a great resource on how to do a lot of home projects. Your main expense will be materials, build permits, and time. This would be a great family project to keep busy during the summer and teach everyone a valuable skill set. If time doesn’t allow you to gather the troops, you can always hire a contractor. Facebook is a great way to get recommendations from friends and family. You can also go on Google to obtain reviews and testimonies of local businesses.

Space for Activities

Stay active this summer with a sand pit for horseshoes or volleyball, if you have the space. Beach sand can be relatively cheap. On average one ton of beach sand will cost between $25 to $40 and cover around 35 square feet, 1 inch thick (Source: CostOwl). To put things in perspective a beach volleyball course is 26 feet by 52 ft. The pit of a horseshoe court is only 3 feet by 6 feet using considerably less sand.

Outdoor Living

Bring the indoors outside for some fresh air and relaxation. An outdoor kitchen area on a patio with a sink, running water and electricity for a mini-fridge would be a huge help with dishes and cooking preparation. Integrate a grill and a brick pizza oven if you want to go all out. Now you can spend time with the family while preparing a delicious summer meal. Keep an eye on the kids playing in the backyard while also hosting adult friends and family. A little tiki hut bar will instantly transport you to another land. You can also keep things simple by adding new furniture or a new seating area. While you’re at it, put your feet up in your new seating area with a television to watch a game or the Home and Garden channel to get some new ideas for your house.

Outdoor Lighting

Shed some light on your beautiful home. Not only does exterior lighting create a nice ambiance it also adds to security by deterring any potential burglars. Solar powered lamps for the walkway or lining the driveway are a great addition and can assist in backing your car out and pulling it in at night.


Nothing adds an aesthetic appeal like fresh landscaping. Feel good about where you go after work or if you work from home, where you work. Take the time to plan out what you wish your lawn looked like. A bed of flowers plotted in the right spot can add a whole new dimension to your yard. Plant trees as a natural fence on your property line or remove trees that have rotted over the years or hang a little too close to power lines or the roof of your house. A sprinkler system will ensure you keep your lawn green throughout the summer. Most importantly, create a space to sit and relax at night with company. Build a fire pit with adequate seating for guests. Summer is about making memories and what better way to do it than with friends and laughs.

Outdoor Furniture

Take a seat, or a swing, or a nap! The key to creating your outdoor space is making it a place where you can kick back and enjoy! New furniture can add another dimension to relaxation. A swing to rock back and forth in the breeze or a hammock in the shade to nap the afternoon away. Don’t forget chairs and a table for outdoor meals at any time of the day; breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Enjoy a sunrise or a sunset from the comfort of your own backyard. What better way to start and end the day?

Home Exterior

A facelift of the façade of a house can change the whole dynamic of your home. It can be as simple as a can of paint to change the color of your front door and buying new house numbers. Create a new aesthetic for entering your home. Even when you pull up to the house you will notice the difference. Don’t be afraid to be bold and pick a color that will really stand out. You can also replace the door entirely if you see fit. A good power wash to the outside of the house, driveway, and garage can also go a long way in making your house look like new again.

Go Big

Sometimes you have to go big and create an entirely new outdoor experience for your home. We’re talking swimming pool with a grotto and outdoor kitchen and dining area big. But don’t think only about fun, think about security as well. A new home security system with a fence and cameras can add another level to your peace of mind.

Workers has the options to help you get the sanctuary of your dreams. A home equity line of credit is perfect for smaller or ongoing projects since you only payback what you use, much like a credit card. For larger projects a home equity loan is the tool for you. With a fixed rate and fixed amount you know what you can cover for a project that you will be paying for with a lot of up-front costs. Make this a summer to remember with friends, family, and a whole lot of down time in your own home.