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August 22, 2019 Workers Way Joshua Williams

Jodi Goes Above and Beyond

#16 Make Quality Personal

At Workers we take pride in the quality of everything that we do. We ask ourselves, “Is this my best work?” on a daily basis. Our employees know that every aspect of the job has their signature and is a direct statement about their work ethic. Our aim is to make sure that every statement is a statement of excellence. In this story, you’ll read about how Jodi’s empathy and understanding allowed her to go above and beyond for a member in need.

For more information on the 30 fundamentals that drive the day-to-day practices of our employees, read about The Workers Way.

Employee: Jodi, Financial Service Representative
Nominated by: Karen, Branch Operations Coordinator

A member came into the branch, she had recently lost her husband. She was stressed about driving to Merrimack to close out accounts, afraid BOA would “harass” her to keep the accounts. I told her that if she would like me to take her one day next week to Merrimack to get this done and help her get things in order, I would. She shared that she did not have a lawyer – I personally know a lawyer that is one street away from where she lives and gave her the lawyer’s number. Yesterday was her first day out of the house since her husband’s services on Friday. She was anxious and unsure about venturing out by herself and chose to come here to Workers because in her words “This was a SAFE Place”. If she fell apart, she would be surrounded by people that would help her thru that moment. “WOW” how amazing is that to hear. Townsend is AMAZING and this is what it is all about, making members feel secure and safe. The amount of Empathy and Compassion that she was shown really made a difference for her.” This was a story of an interaction Jodi had with one of our members. She is such a caring, compassionate person, always going above and beyond for our members. This is why I am nominating Jodi for fundamental #16 “Make Quality Personal” she exemplifies so many of our fundamentals as well. Thank you Jodi for all that you do for our members each and every day.