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July 14, 2019 The Workers Fundamentals Joshua Williams

Kelly Solves a Problem

#18 Be a Fanatic About Response Time

As a financial institution it is expected of us to respond to questions and concerns quickly whether it’s in person, on the phone, or by email. At Workers we take pride in resolving issues quickly and getting back to our members promptly. This is one of the many ways we like to demonstrate our passion for excellence. In this story, you’ll read about how Kelly’s efforts go above and beyond to make sure her staff is able to get back to members in a timely fashion.

For more information on the 30 fundamentals that drive the day-to-day practices of our employees, read about The Workers Fundamentals.

Employee: Kelly, Mortgage Production Manager
Nominated by: Jennifer, Mortgage Processor

Kelly embodies all fundamentals on a daily basis but recently she really put to use “treasure, protect, and promote our reputation,” “do what’s right for the member,” and “be a fanatic about response time.” At 4:57 on Thursday I received an email from a frustrated member. I knew there was NO way I could leave this member feeling like this overnight and I tried to catch Kelly before she ran out the door to her second job. She promised to call me so we could figure out a solution. Not even five minutes later she comes walking back through the door (she didn’t need to go to work anymore) and she helped me come to a resolution, then even waited next to me while I called him back to let him know his concerns were taken care of. We ended up not leaving here until after 5:30PM, but the member was happy and could not stress enough how much it meant to him that we called, after 5 o’clock. I went home that night VERY grateful that I have such a like-minded manager who helped me work out an immediate solution so we could make this member’s experience with Workers amazing!!! (And so I could actually sleep that night!)