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June 25, 2020 Banking Technology Joshua Williams

Receipt Management Simplified

Do you ever wonder how long to keep your receipts, miss a return window, or even attempt to digitally store them using your phone’s camera?

We’ve simplified receipt management for our members with Digital Receipts, a new feature in the mobile app that enables you to log and keep track of your receipts. Just take a picture of your receipt and save it in a folder designated by you. It’s that simple! Now you can store the receipt electronically in the app without taking up storage space on your device or even your home.

What if a store offers email receipts? No problem! Digital Receipts generates a unique email address for you to use. Enter that email address at the store and the receipt is sent directly to the Workers app for you.

How to access on the Workers Mobile App:

  • Download/Open Workers Mobile App
  • Tap More in the bottom right
  • Tap Receipts

Here are some reasons why keeping and tracking your receipts has major value.


Any item that you purchase with a warranty will need proof of purchase. That means most appliances, electronics, or jewelry receipts should be kept along with the warranty paperwork. Feel safer knowing that you have the documentation that you need in the event that something breaks or is already broken when you open the packaging.

Major Purchases

A car, home, RV, boat, even materials for home repairs can all be considered major purchases. You should keep all paperwork and receipts associated with these purchases for as long as you own them. Any receipts for repairs, renovations, etc. should be kept to show the work that has been done to either repair or upgrade. That way if you ever plan on selling you can prove to a buyer the amount of money you have put into it.


The holidays can become hectic rather quickly. Running around from store to store, online purchases, donations, can all get confusing especially if you are trying to hide gifts and sneak in shopping trips. All of these items need a gift receipt in case it needs to be returned or exchanged.


Receipts can also be useful when budgeting. You can track how many times you go out to eat, as well as seasonal expenses like new tires so you can plan for next time. Receipts can also remind you when you last bought an item such as a television, microwave, or a refrigerator to help plan ahead.