Group photo at the Relay for Life 2019 event
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June 19, 2019 In the Community Joshua Williams

Relay for Life 2019

June is always a special time here at Workers Credit Union. Not only do the days get longer and the sun starts shining but the culmination of a year’s worth of work starts to pay off. Over the past 20 years Workers has put together a team and laced up their sneakers to participate in the Great Gardner Relay for Life to end cancer. A two day event where participants walk the track at Mount Wachusett Community College for 24 hours straight. Each team has at least one walker on the track at all times.

Our Team

In 2019 our team was led by captains Jaclyn Hayes and Rosa Rivera. The team is comprised of volunteers ranging from walkers, to setup crew, to fundraising event hosts, to money counters working in a make shift bank setup to tally donations as they continue to come in during the event – we do it all.

Jaclyn Hayes and Rosa River

This year was no different. A group of like-minded individuals came together to raise over $23,000 for the Relay for Life. The event is a personal journey for many on the team that have either been affected by cancer themselves or by someone close to them. Our top fundraiser this year was Patricia Wayrynen raising $1,600 on her own. Patty is not only a Workers employee, but is also one of the leaders of the relay.

Patricia Wayrynen

Not to be outdone, Chere Piermarini walked a total over 40 miles, a bead for every lap. On top of that Chere raised close to $1,400.

Chere Piermarini

The relay is a celebration of life, supporting those that have survived and honoring those that we have lost to cancer. For every smile there is a tear. For every tear there is a reason to keep moving forward. This is a special time of year and we will continue to fight for the cause, putting an end to cancer.

Workers Relay for Life Team

Brian Bourgault
Judy Bourgault
Brenda Brassard
Cierra Brownell
Emily Brown
Melissa Byington
Laura Cardona
Diane Chenard
Kelley Debonville
Mistie Demazure
Naomi Everett
Donyce Fleck
Christie Greenwood
Judy Griffin
Jaclyn Hayes
Karen Herr
Rebecca Hill
Jessie Hopkins
Christine Knowlton
Stephanie Lanier
Macey Lorden
Carla Lussier
Marina MacAlleson

Amanda Marton
Sarah Mayer
Justin MacAlister
Amelia McCullen
Donna McCullen
Patrick Morash
Lindsay Morrell
Brittany Payne
Allison Phelps
Chere Piermarini
Carmen Rivera
LBeatriz Rivera
Paloma Rivera
Rosa Rivera
Pamela Rogers
Debi Rooney
Megan Rossi
Bethany Schlaich
Adelle Trainor
Casey Wayrynen
Patricia Warynynen
Leanne Winton

Relay Bank Volunteers

Sam Benoit
Carina Boucher
Mistie Demazure
Lauren Kelley
Randi Lawrence
Jessica LeBlanc
Julie McNamara
Alyssa Smith