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October 7, 2019 Personal Banking Joshua Williams

Scare Up Some Savings This Halloween

Struggling with your Halloween costume this year? Here are some simple, low cost ideas to get you started.

Last Minute Costumes

  • 404 Error Page – Grab a white tee shirt and a black sharpie. Write “404 ERROR: Costume Not Found” on the front of the shirt. Done.
  • Black Cat – Black shirt, shoes, pants, and a black headband. Glue two pieces of black construction paper cut into the shape of ears onto the headband and then draw a nose and whiskers on your face. Meow.
  • Doctor or Nurse – Borrow a pair of old medical scrubs or a lab coat then make a name tag that says “Doctor” or “Nurse” and you’re done.
  • Ghost – white sheet, two eye holes and… BOO! Classic.

Costume Puns

  • Smartie Pants – Buy a package of Smarties candies and glue them to an old pair of pants. That’s it! Work smarter not harder.
  • Hawaiian Punch – An old Hawaiian shirt (you know your dad has one) and some boxing gloves. BAM! Hawaiian Punch.
  • French Kiss – Apply face paint like your favorite member of the rock band KISS, throw on a beret and carry around a baguette. Now you have a clever costume and a handy snack. Voila!

Couples Costumes

  • Ice, Ice, Baby – Two white tee shirts, two bags of ice, and a baby (real or you can use a doll). Empty the bags of ice and staple one bag to each tee shirt. Stand next to each other and the one on the end holds the baby. Word to your mother.
  • Copy Cat – You both dress as black cats (see above for instructions). Meow Meow.
  • Men In Black – This year we saw Tessa Thompson rock it in a black suit… oh, and of course Chris Hemsworth. All that’s needed to dress up as this dynamic duo is a classic black suit, white button up, black tie, and your favorite black shades. You’re ready to save the world… err we mean party!
  • Dirty Dancing (the movie, of course) – Johnny: Tight black jeans, tight black tee shirt tucked in, black shoes, and black shades. Baby: Knotted white tee shirt, cut-off jean shorts, and white sneakers. Have the time of your life!
  • Salt and Pepper (the table seasoning… not the hip hop group) – One white tee shirt, one black tee shirt, a black and a white fabric marker. Draw a big “S” on the tee shirt using the black fabric marker and a big “P” on the black tee shirt using the white fabric marker. To top it off throw on a couple of grey knit hats as covers.

If you have multiple parties to go to this year feel free to switch it up! Try as many costumes that fit your schedule and your budget. But most importantly, have a spook-takular Halloween!