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Fraud Prevention Joshua Williams

6 Tips To Keep Your Identity Safe While Traveling

Near or far, for business or pleasure, traveling is inevitable. Keep your identity safe by following these six tips. 1. Notify Your Financial Institution By placing a travel notification with your financial institution it allows them to notate your account of where you are going and when. That way when out of the ordinary transactions […]

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Data Protection
Fraud Prevention Elliott

5 Steps to Safeguard Your Financial Data From Thieves

Most people leave a trail of data nearly everywhere they go. Some of that data links to critical information, such as bank and credit card accounts. Hackers want access to that information and are constantly deploying new tactics to steal that data from unsuspecting consumers. You don’t have to make it easy for them. These […]

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Fraud Prevention Elliott

Digital Banking Fraud – What You Need to Know

A business owner sued his financial institution after hackers submitted a substantial fraudulent wire transfer from his account to an international account. He thought the bank should reimburse the funds since they processed the transaction; however, upon investigation it was determined that his computer was infected with a virus that enabled fraudsters to retrieve his […]

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