Financial aid for college costs
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Financial Aid 101

Many parents pay for college with a combination of current income, savings, and financial aid. By learning the basics of financial aid, you’ll be able to understand how the aid process works and compare the aid awards your child receives. What is financial aid? Financial aid is money distributed primarily by the federal government and […]

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Education tax credits and deductions
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Education Tax Credits and Deductions

For parents and students trying to manage college bills and student loan payments, the federal government offers education-related tax benefits. The requirements for each are different, so here’s what you need to know. American Opportunity credit The American Opportunity credit (formerly the Hope credit) is a tax credit available for the first four years of […]

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7 Tips for Tracking Down Your Dream Career

Choosing a career is tough. Whether you’re a new grad or considering a career change, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when tasked with selecting your next gig. And why shouldn’t it? It’s an enormously costly decision, in terms of both time and money. In many cases, it defines your lifestyle: it determines where you live, […]

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What to Remember When Moving From the Dorms to Your First Place

Privacy, lower living costs, graduation — there are myriad reasons you move from the dorms to an apartment. But with greater independence comes greater responsibility, and moving into your first place will certainly bring both, especially when it comes to your finances. Here are some things to start budgeting for when you make your move. […]

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