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September 30, 2019 Personal Banking Joshua Williams

Time To Travel, Time To Save

As we begin to move toward the holidays, tis the season to travel! Whether you are going home for the holidays or getting away for a much needed vacation, follow these tips to help try and save some money this year.

  • Travel apps can help you keep track of deals for flights and hotels. It can be a daily fluctuation so alerts will definitely help. Most importantly try not to have buyer’s remorse. If you see a deal that fits your travel plans, take it. Don’t wait too long for the next best alert.
  • While on your travels you may find great deals on gifts for friends and family. To save money and space on your flight home have your gifts shipped instead of taking them on a plane. Coming home with more than what you left with can become costly when paying extra for checked bags or packages at the airport. Shipping a package might be easier and cheaper. Check with the store to see if they offer free shipping.
  • Travel credit card reward points. Now’s the time to use all those points you’ve been saving throughout the year. Depending on your card you can also save on activities during your trip. Check what type of rewards you have and use them to your advantage.
  • Pack snacks for long flights. Any flight over 2-3 hours may offer a meal option if during regular meal hours for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but at a cost. A high cost. Save some money by bringing your own snacks like protein bars, travel sized chips/crackers, or some candy (avoid if an over-night flight that you are trying to sleep on). Don’t forget that you’ll need to wait to purchase drinks until after you’ve passed through security.
  • Buy flights early to get the best deals. The longer you wait the more you could pay. Plan your trip a couple months ahead of time and you can save a good chunk of change. The closer to the date the more competition you have from other travelers trying to get on that flight which means higher rates. You could keep track of potential deals but is it worth the risk?
  • Be flexible on flight times, travel dates, and layovers. Avoid the historically busy travel days like the Wednesday before thanksgiving.
  • Travel light. Bring just a carry on or only check one bag. If you’re worried about having enough clean clothes to wear, find a hotel or Airbnb that has a washer and dryer or is within walking distance from a laundry mat. Just remember that you might need some pocket change.
  • Skip airport parking if you can. In some cases it will be cheaper to use a car service like a taxi, van, or Uber depending on how far and what time you have to travel to the airport. Parking prices can get insane especially for long trips. And if you’re travelling with friends, it’ll be well worth splitting an Uber fare.

While we’ve covered a handful of ways to travel cheaper, you might find even more travel hacks from other seasoned travelers like travel bloggers and influencers. Wherever your travels take you this holiday season, be on the lookout for ways to save. And don’t forget to share!