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April 12, 2019 Business Banking Fraud Prevention Joshua Williams

Traveling With Your Debit Card

You have picked your destination, your plane ticket has been purchased, and you’ve posted on social media to make your friends jealous. You are ready for adventure. But wait, isn’t there something you are forgetting? Don’t forget to notify your financial institution and credit card providers about your travel plans.

Why You Should Notify Us

A travel notification lets us know that you are leaving your normal every day debit card transaction routine. That way you avoid the possibility of your debit card being blocked for possible fraudulent activity.

  • Fraud Watch. Transactions are monitored for “unusual activity” like out of country or even out of state purchases. You will want to notify us so that we can notate your account and your card won’t get blocked for what we think is fraudulent activity.
  • Blocked Countries. Fraud is so high in some countries that they are blocked from all transactions. We can go over the list with you so that we can review with you and determine if you may need to bring other forms of currency.
  • Point of Sale Limits (POS). Airplane tickets can be expensive. You may need to raise the purchase limit on your debit card for that transaction. We can help with that right over the phone.
  • Be Prepared. Bring multiple forms of currency. Don’t rely on only one debit card. Bring a backup credit card, cash, and maybe foreign currency if needed.

Most important, give yourself plenty of time to prepare for a trip. Travel notifications can be submitted at any time but try to do it at least two weeks before your trip.

How to Notify Us

A travel notification can be submitted a few different ways. Pick whichever way is most convenient for you.

    • Online Banking. Log into your online banking (not through the mobile app) to submit a travel notification.
      • Once logged in, select Secure Forms from the top menu.
      • Select Debit Card Travel Notification from the drop down.
      • Complete the secure form with the debit card or cards you will be using, a contact phone number, destination(s), dates of travel, means of travel, and any additional information; such as layover or port of call included in your trip itinerary.
      • Hit Submit.
    • Call. The Member Information Center can be reached at 800-221-4020. A representative will be happy to notate your account for you.
  • In Person. Stop by any of our branches to speak with a representative in person about your travel plans. With will be happy to notate your account for you.

PLEASE NOTE: If there are additional signers on the account that will be using their own card, they must submit a travel notification of their own.

Bon Voyage!

As you can see, whether it’s a spontaneous road trip or an extravagantly planned adventure, it is important to notify us of your travel plans. Submit a debit card notification as soon as you can and enjoy your trip!