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Home Fraud Prevention

If you suspect debit card fraud

Report fraud immediately. Contact our Member Information Center at 800-221-4020 and follow the steps below.

  • To dispute a debit card charge fill out a Debit Card Fraud Affidavit and fax to 978-353-4290 labeled ATTN: Debit Department or schedule an appointment at your local branch.
  • To report a lost or stolen debit card call Fraud Prevention at 833-337-6075
  • To receive a new debit card after reporting it as lost or stolen, contact our Member Information Center at 800-221-4020 or visit your local branch.

If you suspect checking fraud

Report fraud immediately. Contact our Member Information Center at 800-221-4020 and follow the steps below.

  • To dispute an ACH transaction on your checking account, fill out an Unauthorized ACH Transaction form and fax to 978-353-4200 labeled ATTN: ACH Department or schedule an appointment at your local branch.
  • Before submitting this form, you must first contact the merchant directly to dispute the transaction.
  • If unsuccessful, send us the form with a signed letter of dispute.

If you suspect credit card fraud

Report fraud immediately. Follow the steps below.

Fraud Prevention Alerts

Phone icon

Phone Call Alert

You may receive a phone call from our fraud watch team, please call them at 877-273-5740 to confirm a purchase.
Mobile payment icon

Text Alert

You may receive a text alert from Workers Credit Union Fraud Center asking to confirm a purchase.

Email Alert

You may receive an email to verify recent transactions. You will not be required to click any links.

Card Cracking Scam: Easy Money Isn't Always Easy

We have all probably seen examples of a card cracking scam without even knowing it. They are everywhere nowadays with people looking for alternative ways to supplement their income in order to keep up with rising costs. Let's review what card cracking is and how we can avoid becoming a victim.

"Card Cracking" is a form of fraud where a person will respond to an online solicitation either through a social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, an email, or even a text message, offering "quick cash" or "easy money" and requires you to provide debit card information for withdrawal of a fake check deposit. Once the fraudster has your account information they will deposit a fake check into the account and withdraw the cash with promise of a kickback to you for your assistance. The fake check deposit will bounce leaving you with a returned item fee and no kickback from the fraudster. Now you must report the card to your financial institution as stolen and be issued a new card. If you file a dispute for stolen funds to be reimbursed, you become an accomplice to the fraud occurring. 

Tips to avoid becoming a victim:

  • Ignore spam messages claiming to earn you easy money.
  • Never give out card or account information to an untrusted source.
  • Report spam posts on all social media platforms.
  • Report spam texts and then block the phone number.


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