If you’re like most people you probably already own some life insurance. But has your insurance kept up with the changes in your life? Is it still enough to cover all your needs?  Have you thought about Long Term Care Insurance and Disability insurance to cover you in case you’re sick or hurt and can’t work?

We can also help you develop a strategy to supplement your income during your retirement years while making sure your loved ones are provided for in case of your unexpected demise. With an unpredictable market, we offer a variety of Life Insurance and Annuity products to help reinforce your planning.


Life Insurance can help ensure that your loved ones are financially provided for in the event your income suddenly stops or in your untimely death. We offer term and permanent life insurance products provided by some of the industry’s leading insurance companies.


We work with the top insurance companies to offer you a variety of fixed, variable, and indexed annuities. Since it is impossible to predict the outcome of market investments, annuities can be used as way to supplement your retirement income.


Long-Term Care Coverage can help cover the rising cost of assisted care if you become unable to care for yourself This form of coverage can help cover the cost of assisted care that is not generally covered by health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid, such as nursing homes, assisted living, at-home, hospice and Alzheimer care.

Modern medicine is a miracle. Great strides have been made in fighting everything from cancer to heart disease to genetic disorders. But sometimes doctors can’t cure what ails us. And accidents take some folks before their time, or leave them disabled. If that happens, life insurance and long-term care coverage can help cover both your PERSONAL and FAMILY needs to ease any financial pain.


  • Death before loan/debt repayment can be finished
  • Spouse outliving a life only pension plan
  • Death before personal financial goals are funded
  • Retirement funding for spouse, child’s education
  • Income during a time of disability
  • In need of long-term care assistance


  • Death of a primary income earner
  • Final expenses
  • Dependent income
  • Education
  • Family goals
  • Support of parents
  • Wealth transfer/preservation

This may all sound like it’s doom and gloom, but it just takes a few minutes to identify if you and those you love have enough coverage. At Workers Credit Union you have access to one of our CFS Financial Representatives available through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. * who help ensure your assets and family are protected.

Here’s how you’ll benefit from discussing insurance with CFS* Financial Representatives:

  • Policy talk. Representatives will help you with financial planning that involves insurance to cover your family in case you die or become sick and can’t work.
  • Borrowed time. Learn how coverage can pay off your debts if you pass away with outstanding loans.
  • Poor health. Discuss policies that cover you if you’re disabled or need long-term care, such as in a nursing home.
  • Survival skills. Get briefed on how coverage can help families survive the death of a primary income earner.
  • School money. Find out how insurance benefits can help ensure a bright future for children by paying for their education.


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