Fraud Prevention Joshua Williams

Travelling With Your Debit Card

You have picked your destination, your plane ticket has been purchased, and you’ve posted on social media to make your friends jealous. You are ready for adventure. But wait, isn’t there something you are forgetting? Don’t forget to notify your financial institution and credit card providers about your travel plans. Why You Should Notify Us […]

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Home Loans Joshua Williams

The Essential Home Closing Checklist

You’ve applied for a mortgage. Time to move in! Just kidding. There is still much more work that you need to accomplish before you can sleep in your new home. But don’t fret. We are going to go over all of the helpers you will meet along the way and what you need to do […]

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Identity Theft
Fraud Prevention Joshua Williams

Identity Theft: Prevention and Recovery

You may think to yourself, “identity theft only happens in the movies” or “Who wants to be me anyway?” Well, there are plenty of criminals that would love to be someone else. To have your life ruined instead of theirs. We are going to take an in-depth look at what identity theft is, how to […]

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Mom sitting on a couch with her two young boys looking at a tablet
Personal Banking Briana Nobrega

3 Ways to Give Your Savings Account a Little Boost

What does “saving the extra” mean to you? Whether it is putting change in a piggy bank or moving everything not in the budget into savings, those three little words can mean big money down the road. This America Saves Week, try one (or all) of these three ways to save the extra: Add a […]

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Woman holding a fan of cash in front of her face
Contests Joshua Williams

2019 GiveBack Facebook Contest

Workers annual Giveback is giving over $3.1 million back to our members and we want to get the party rolling by giving away $1,000* to three lucky members! Starting March 21st we will pick a winner each week leading up the GiveBack deposit on April 4th. Like our GiveBack contest post on Facebook to be […]

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