Here are tips to keep your Workers Debit Card secure:

  • Total recall. Memorize your PIN number. Do not write it down and do not share it.
  • Nothing obvious. Select a PIN that’s unique. Do not use a date of birth or phone number.
  • Switch digits. Change your PIN regularly.
  • Wrong message. Never email your debit card number to anyone.
  • Seek a seal. When ordering items online, make sure that the website begins with “https” and has a security seal.
  • Out of sight. Keep your debit card in a safe place. Treat it like your Social Security number.
  • Bad call. Do not give out your card number by phone unless you know the caller.
  • Human shield. Be careful to shield the keyboard from the person behind you when punching your PIN into an ATM.

It’s a Sin to Reveal Your PIN

Aren’t debit cards a great invention? You buy something nice, slip the card into a thin slot, yank it back out and keep on shopping. Know who else loves debit cards? Thieves. Some engage in skimming – rigging ATMs to copy a card’s magnetic strip and record the PIN. But not all tactics are so high-tech. Too many people use obvious PINs or write them down in easy-to-find places. That makes your savings easy pickings. Our advice: Work hard to guard the card.

To report a lost/stolen debit/ATM card please call: 866-842-5208

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