Here’s why you might want to invest in Certificates of Deposit:

  • Want choices? Invest your money for as little as three months or as much as five years.
  • Want perks? Get higher returns if you qualify for Member Relationship Rates.*
  • Want growth? Dividends are compounded daily and paid monthly for CD
    terms of one year or more.
  • Want more? Deposits of $25,000 or more qualify for higher interest rates.
  • Not there yet? You can open a CD account for as little as $500.

High Returns Without the Roller-Coaster Ride

Markets are way up one day. Way down the next. And what caused that seismic shift in stock prices? The plummeting price of platinum? An election in a country the size of Nantucket? It might be entertaining, like a reality TV show, except this is your money at stake. If you’d prefer a safe investment with guaranteed returns, try our high-yield Certificates of Deposit. You choose the terms and we promise you’ll get all the ups and none of the downs.

To open a Certificate of Deposit (CD), you must have a Workers’ membership savings account.

 Tier 1
$500 - $24,999.99
Tier II
$25,000 or more
CD TermRateAPY*RateAPY*
3-Month1,21.55%1.551.65%1.65%Open a New Account
6-Month11.70%1.70%1.801.80%Open a New Account
12-Month1.75%1.77%1.85%1.87%Open a New Account
18-Month2.00%2.02%2.10%2.12%Open a New Account
24-Month2.00%2.02%2.10%2.12%Open a New Account
36-Month2.05%2.07%2.15%2.17%Open a New Account
48-Month2.10%2.12%2.20%2.22%Open a New Account
60-Month2.15%2.17%2.25%2.27%Open a New Account

CDs require $500 minimum balance to open and IRA Certificates require $1,000 minimum balance to open. Penalty for early withdrawal may apply. See full disclaimer at the bottom of this page.
1Simple interest paid at maturity.
2Available only for CDs, not available for IRA Certificates.

Convenient Locations

Workers Credit Union provides banking services to greater Athol, Chelmsford, Fitchburg, Gardner, Groton, Lancaster, Leominster, Lunenburg, Orange, Townsend, Westford, and Worcester, MA.

Open your Certificate of Deposit online or contact us with any questions.

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*To qualify for a Member Relationship CD Rates, you must have a Workers’ checking account in Massachusetts with at least one monthly direct deposit of pay or Social Security. Subject to approval, interest rates may change at any time. APY= annual percentage yield

A Safe Place for Your Money

As a member of Workers, take comfort in knowing that every dollar you deposit is safe, secure, and 100% insured. All deposits are fully insured by a combined insurance coverage of the NCUA, up to $250,000, and the MSIC covers the rest. Now that’s safe keeping.