GiveBack¹ Program

When we do well, you do well. That’s why we’re the only leading credit union to return a portion of our revenue to our members each year.

Home GiveBack Program

We've Given Back More Than $20 Million to Our Members Over the Past 10 Years



GiveBack Dollars

When we do well, our members do well. Celebrate with us! 

Digital Donations

Donate your funds through online or mobile banking.

Grow Your GiveBack

Deepen your membership, increase your GiveBack.
How to Qualify

Have a balance in any of the following accounts:

  • Checking & Savings
  • Auto & Personal Loans
  • Mortgage & Home Equities
  • Regular & IRA CDs
  • Checking Lines of Credit
  • Commercial Term Loans & Mortgages

GiveBack Donations

Each year members get the opportunity to donate their GiveBack funds through online or mobile banking to local charities that support our communities.

Celebrate With Us

Become a member and start receiving your own GiveBack. Schedule an appointment today at your local branch or open a membership account online.

1Based on the approval of our Board of Directors. Must be a member as of December 31, 2022. The amount of member payout will be based on 2022 year-to-date average balance in all eligible accounts. The primary account owner, or tax reported owner, will receive the total payout into their membership account for all of the accounts of which they are the primary account owner. Must have an open membership account on date of deposit.