WCU Employees Finding Benefits In New Roles: Bob's Story

“I wake up every morning feeling happy about my job,” says Workers Credit Union Video Member Service Representative Bob Nemecek. Four months ago, he made a life-altering transition from commuting to the Workers Credit Union location in Lancaster where he worked as a teller to working virtually from a home office in his Leominster home outfitted with two computers and a blue, company-branded screen behind him. He has been working for Workers Credit Union for nine years.

Bob is one of the friendly faces of Workers former tellers turned virtual staff who members will recognize on the video screen when they use a Video Teller ATM. These state-of-the-art machines can be found at Workers Credit Union, anywhere from Worcester to Fitchburg to Lowell.  “I help people from all over. Most people are fascinated by it. I get a lot of really positive feedback,” Bob says. “I let them know it's new technology but the same people they’ve always worked with. We weren’t replaced, we’re still here!” Thanks to Bob and his colleagues there’s always someone available at a Video Teller ATM ready to help members. In fact, no tellers have lost their jobs. Gone are the days of waiting in line for a teller to be free. During a typical shift Bob can see as many as 60 members from different locations and all walks of life. He helps them with a wide variety of transactions. He refers any inquiry that requires additional help to other Workers Credit Union experts.

Being away from his colleagues doesn’t mean he’s isolated. “Even though we’re not sitting next to each other, we chat and ask questions,” he added. “We’re there for each other.” Like all Workers Credit Union staff, Bob has been officially trained as a financial coach, which he credits with making him better at his job. “You can look deeper into people and put yourself into their shoes,” he says. Bob’s empathy and commitment have made him successful at his new position, which exemplifies how Workers Credit Union is using technology to promote financial wellness. 

Most importantly, the change in location has made a huge difference in Bob’s quality of life. He doesn’t miss time he used to spend commuting. “I don’t have to worry about getting in my car, paying for gas, and dealing with traffic,” he says. During his breaks he loves the freedom of going outside and throwing the ball to one of his three dogs and maybe doing a little gardening. “The whole idea of me being able to have time for myself is so relaxing,” he noted. Previously, when he was working in Lancaster, he had to rush around during his breaks to go home and let his dogs out and then drive back to the office. Bob now enjoys being able to start a meal in the crockpot at lunchtime and have it ready for him and his husband to eat for dinner when they are done with work at the end of the day.

“I love what I'm doing,” Bob says with a smile.  “I love working from home and still helping our members. At Workers Credit Union, we’re there for our members, ready to do whatever is best for them.”


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