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Protect Your Paycheck

Losing the ability to perform your job will put you at financial risk, that’s where a Disability Income (DI) Insurance Policy1 comes in. It’s important to understand that DI will insure against being unable to perform your job whereas Social Security Disability typically pays if one cannot perform any job. Many large employers offer DI coverage short term, but other individuals, especially self-employed, must find and pay for it on their own. We’ll work with you to determine the coverage you need.

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What to Look For

Because each insurance carrier designs their DI policies differently, a Workers Insurance agent will help you identify and understand each option. Below you’ll find some key things to look for.

The Definition of Disability

Some policies require that you are unable to perform your normal job, whereas others may require that you are unable to work at all.

The Extent of Disability

Newer policies are allowing benefit payments for partial disability. However, some policies won’t pay for partial disability unless you were totally disabled for a prior period of time. Older policies require total disability before dispersing payments.

Presumptive Disability

Under some circumstances, some policies will consider you to be totally disabled even if you can still perform a portion or all of your duties. This typically happens when the insured loses eyesight, speech, hearing or loss of limbs.

Residual Benefits

Residual Benefits are paid by some policies when the insured can work but experiences reduced income because they cannot fulfill their responsibilities.

It’s important to discuss your needs with a Workers Insurance agent before purchasing disability insurance so they can help you determine what you need.

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¹Coverage varies by carrier. Products offered by Workers Insurance Agency and Affiliated Companies. Coverage is subject to eligibility and availability. Other terms, conditions, and exclusions may apply. Insurance products available through Workers Insurance Agency, a CUSO of Workers Credit Union are: NOT A DEPOSIT NOT INSURED, NOT NCUA INSURED, NOT MSIC INSURED, NOT INSURED BY ANY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY, NOT INSURED OR GUARANTEED BY THE CREDIT UNION OR AFFLIATES. MAY LOSE VALUE. SUBJECT TO INVESTMENT RISK INCLUDING POSSIBLE LOSS OF PRINCIPAL INVESTED.