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The Workers Wayᵀᴹ is personalized, one-on-one financial coaching that helps you achieve your goals at any life stage.

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65% of Members Said They Feel Stressed, Somewhat Stressed or Uncertain When They Think About Money, in a Recent SurveyLet our friendly, certified financial coaches help take the stress out of money. They listen to understand, no judgement, no jargon and help you make a personalized plan to reach your goals. Whether you’re trying to improve your credit score, increase your savings or looking towards the future, the Workers Way can help you at any life stage.

Workers Way financial coaching is a benefit of your membership, there are no special qualifications or fees.

  • Feel confident when making money decisions.
  • Take control of day-to-day bills and spending habits.
  • Prepare for emergencies that could impact finances.
  • Have freedom to spend money towards your goals and dreams.
  • Learn strategies for paying down debt and building credit.
  • Explore ways to optimize retirement planning and insurance.


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"Sitting down one on one, that helped me really understand what financial wellness and coaching is all about."

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I was born and raised in Thailand and truly believe everything is possible with a positive mindset. As a Workers Way financial wellness coach I can make a real impact on members’ lives, helping them achieve their dreams. In my free time, I volunteer in my local community while continuing to support my hometown in Thailand. When you love what you do, you don’t want to stop!

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