Joining is Easy!

As a member you’ll get access to competitive rates, a top-rated banking app, and a Workers Wayᵀᴹ Financial Coach, ready to help you achieve your dreams at any stage of life.

Home Become a Member

Many Ways to Qualify

  • Family or Roommate. If an immediate family member1 or person living with you is a member, you can be too.
  • Community. You live, work, worship, or attend school in Lowell or Worcester, Massachusetts.
  • Employment. You or an immediate family member* currently work for or are retired from a participating employer.2
  • Charity. Let us make a donation on your behalf to the United Way of North Central Massachusetts.3
  • Financial Fitness Association Membership. Let us pay your first year's membership.4

Become a Business Member

If you have a personal WCU membership and one of the following, you qualify!

  • Business location. Your business address is in Worcester, MA.
  • Other members. You know another member.

Membership Accounts

Open a qualifying personal savings account online in four minutes or less with as little as $5. We welcome business members to contact us to open a qualifying savings account.

Member Benefits

1Immediate family includes spouses, domestic partners, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, and siblings (including adopted, in-law, and step relationships).

2Continued employment with a participating employer is not required to maintain your Workers membership.

3Workers will make a one-time $5 donation on your behalf. Continuous donations are not required to maintain your Workers membership.

4By choosing this option you authorize Workers to send your name, address, and email to the Financial Fitness Association. Workers will pay for your initial membership fee. Payment and renewal of the annual FFA membership will be your responsibility if you wish to continue to access their online library and resources. Continued membership is not required to maintain your Workers membership.