Workers Credit Union Earns Two International Video Awards

Workers Credit Union is proud to announce it received two Telly Awards, which is the world’s largest honors for video and television content across all screens. The credit union received Bronze in the Branded Content and Social Media categories for the “Achieve Your Dreams” campaign, which communicated the importance and impact of The Workers Way™ to community members. The achievements recognize materials that reflect Workers Credit Union’s commitment, effort, and success in improving the daily lives of members through the Workers Way™ program.

“Our mission is to improve the daily lives of our members and help them achieve their dreams,” said Caroline Santangelo, Vice President of marketing at Workers Credit Union. “It’s an honor to not only be a part of their success story, but to share it with the world.” The Workers Way™ is a financial wellness program that provides personalized, judgement-free, financial education and coaching to all Workers Credit Union members. Certified Workers Way financial coaches meet with members one-on-one to help them achieve their financial goals at any life stage. In 2021, Workers Credit Union had more than 3,000 financial wellness appointments and helped members increase savings, improve credit scores, pay down debt and qualify for first homes.

A five-person team promoted the program through a multi-channel campaign committed to authentic storytelling. Through impactful first-person accounts, Workers Credit Union enabled a conversation about financial wellness that is too often covered in shame and stigma. For example, Sean and Edward, were about to lose their home before partnering with a Workers Way financial coach who helped them turn things around; Julia, a single mother who couldn’t manage to meet her monthly expenses, now can support her family using the skills she learned with a coach; and Garrett, a graduating college student partnered with a coach to start his own financial journey on the right path.

This year, The Telly Awards’ theme was “A New POV” and focused on the reemergence of the video and television industry and how it resurfaced to a transformed world, following the global pandemic.

“This year’s incredible group of winners perfectly exemplifies the many artful and unique ways video is being used,” explains Telly’s Executive Director Sabrina Dridje.

Workers Credit Union’s submissions were selected from over 11,000 entries across the globe. This is the second year, Workers Credit Union has been a Telly Award recipient.

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