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Strengthen Your Retirement Savings

It’s always a good time to start saving for retirement. With a Workers Traditional IRA,1 you can choose from CDs or a savings account and get the benefit of tax-deferred growth.

Not sure if an IRA is right for you? Your membership includes access to a Workers WayTM financial coach who can help you decide the best way to start planning for the future.

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  • As low as $5 to open
  • As low as $50 to earn interest
  • Tax-deferred growth
  • Penalties and taxes may apply for early withdrawals

Achieve Your Dreams, the Workers Way

Whatever your savings goals, a Workers Wayᵀᴹ Financial coach will help you achieve your dreams and empower you to make smart money decisions. Get personalized guidance, no judgement, no jargon.

Retirement Options

Looking for Other Retirement Investment Options?

You worked hard for your money. Invest and plan for the future with a registered CFS financial advisor, available through CUSO Financial Services.

IRA Savings

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Minimum Daily Balance for Stated APY
1Rates subject to change at any time without notice unless otherwise noted. Offers may be withdrawn at any time. Subject to membership eligibility. Workers Federal Credit Union membership required; minimum balance to open membership account is $5, unless otherwise noted. Minimum balance to open a Traditional IRA savings account is $5 and for a Traditional IRA CD is $1000. Annual Percentage Yield (APY) and rates are effective as of 8/18/2021. APY assumes interest remains on deposit, any withdrawal will reduce earnings. Other fees may reduce earnings. See our fee schedule for specifics. Annual contribution limits apply. Penalties and taxes may apply for early withdrawals. Rollover fees apply.