DYL Trucking: Business Member Success Story

May is Small Business Month, a time to recognize and appreciate the hard work and dedication of small businesses in our communities. One Workers business member that stands out is DYL Trucking, a construction junk removal company. With Workers Credit Union as their financial partner, Joseph Dyl, the founder of DYL Trucking, has worked hard to achieve his dreams. Meet Joseph Dyl and learn more about his story.

Joseph Dyl is a first-generation American whose family originated from Haiti and a resident of Malden, MA, for over 20 years. After dedicating 18 years to driving trucks for other companies, he decided it was time to turn his aspirations into reality by starting his own junk removal business.

In 2020, Joseph was ready to find a partner that would support his dreams and guide him as his business grew. As an existing member of Workers Credit Union, Joseph knew where to start. He recognized the value of personalized attention that Workers could offer and once meeting with the business team he knew he found someone that would work with him as an equal.

With the guidance of Sana Upadhyay, VP, Business Development Officer, and the dedicated Business team at Workers Credit Union, Joseph's dream gained momentum. Through their assistance, he secured a Small Business Administration (SBA) loan that enabled him to purchase his first truck. DYL Trucking – Junk Removal was born.

"Workers Credit Union was there to help with one-on-one attention. Having someone there to work with you makes it easier." - Joseph Dyl

DYL Trucking quickly established its presence throughout Massachusetts constructions sites, specializing in the removal of gravel, sand, asphalt, and other materials. After two years of operation, they expanded to a three-man team. With another loan facilitated by Workers Credit Union, Joseph was able to purchase a second truck. Joseph’s business is growing, the Workers WayTM.

If you are a small business owner or looking to start your own business, contact the Workers Credit Union Business team. Our experts will partner with you to help meet your goals.


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