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May 16, 2019 Workers Way Joshua Williams

Angie to the Rescue

#16 Making Quality Personal

At Workers we take pride in the quality of everything that we do. We ask ourselves, “Is this my best work?” on a daily basis. Our employees know that every aspect of the job has their signature and is a direct statement about their work ethic. Our aim is to make sure that every statement is a statement of excellence. In this story, you’ll read about how Angela’s knowledge and patience allowed her to assist a member and give them a memorable experience.

For more information on the 30 fundamentals that drive the day-to-day practices of our employees, read about The Workers Way.

Employee: Angela, FSR/Teller
Nominated by: Angela, Branch Operations Coordinator

Today we had an elderly gentleman come in wanting to exchange his coins. When Angie directed him to the coin machine you could see he was confused. Without hesitation Angie said to the member, “Come with me and we will do this together”. He was so appreciative for her help! He kept saying how advanced technology has become and how “Fancy” our coin machine is. Angie was quick to notice the need for her to help, and did so without making the member feel embarrassed about it. Good Job!!