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October 29, 2018 Home Loans Joshua Williams

Create a More Energy Efficient Home with a 0% Heat Loan

Remember when it was “too hot” outside? Well, it’s about to get “too cold.” Now is the time to make sure you are warm and cozy inside, and not inadvertently warming up the neighborhood. But how?

Workers has partnered with Mass Save to provide a 0% Heat Loan to update your heating system to create a more energy efficient home. That means you don’t pay any interest on the money you borrow to make your home more energy efficient. There are even rebates available for most upgrades on appliances, windows, and heating systems making the cost even less.

Schedule Your No-Cost Home Energy Assessment

Start by contacting 1-866-527-7283 to schedule a No-Cost Home Energy Assessment on your home. This will assess what needs to be done and what qualifies for the loan as well as any rebates. You can also choose to search for and go through a High Performance Contractor, typically your utility company.

Start Conserving Energy Today

  • Make sure your home is tight. Gaps in the windows and doors are notorious for letting out heat and cool air. The more you have to run your heating system, the harder it has to work using more energy to heat or cool down your home. Even with an energy efficient system you could literally be throwing money out of the window. Practical solutions that can be done without a contractor include sealing your windows with plastic, hanging heavy drapes, fresh caulking on the windows, and weather stripping for doors and windows.
  • Consistent temperature is an efficient temperature. Even just replacing your thermostat with a programmable one could start saving your money. Program the thermostat so that when you aren’t there it isn’t blasting heat or the air conditioner. Having set times and temperatures means you aren’t wasting energy when you aren’t home. If you have pets, be reasonable and set a temperature that will be comfortable for them as well.
  • Use cold or warm water when doing the laundry. All colors can be washed together when using cold water. That means less loads, less time separating, and less energy heating the water.
  • Shorter showers. This is a tough one but doable. Set a timer when you take a shower. Put the timer as far away as possible so that you have to get out to shut it off. Less time in the shower means less money going towards the hot water bill.
  • Don’t wait until the winter to start your energy saving plan. Efficiency isn’t related to just heat. Insulation and gaps in windows or doors also lets out cool air as well. Start with an energy audit earlier in the year so that you have time to plan what needs to be done.

Contact a loan specialist today for more information on applying for a Heat Loan at 800-221-4020.

Stay warm this winter.