Fee Schedule

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Effective January 25, 2024

All fees are for each occurrence unless noted otherwise.

Personal Accounts

Fee Type
Restart Personal Checking
Workers Money Market Checking
Personal Money Market

Business Accounts

Fee Type
Business Money Market
Business Checking 
Business Relationship Checking
Non-Profit Business Checking

Miscellaneous Fees & Charges

Fee Type
Online Services
ATM/Debit Card Fees
Safe Deposit Box

All fees are for each occurrence unless noted otherwise. 

1Transactions are deposits, items deposited and checks paid. 

2Related deposit accounts (linked based upon the same Tax Identification Number) including; savings, checking, money market and certificates of deposit. 

3To avoid this fee, you can login to Online or Mobile banking and click on Pay Your Loan to set up an ACH payment from another financial institution. While online, you can also set up an internal transfer from your Workers account. Lastly there’s always the option of setting up an auto pay with your financial institution.

4Account Inactivity fee will be assessed monthly on your account(s) after a period of inactivity for 365 days for checking accounts and 730 days for savings accounts. Inactivity is when there is no member-initiated credit or debit activity to any account(s) where you are the primary account holder. 

5Each time an item is re-presented, we make a new decision whether to pay or return the item and we may charge you an Overdraft/Non-Sufficient Funds fee, an Uncollected Funds Charge, or a Returned Deposit Fee at the same time regardless of the number of times an item is presented or re-presented to us. Includes checks, ACH, and Workers Debit Card withdrawals. Aggregate three (3) fees per day per account.

6 Up to 5 copies, then $25/hr research fee.